This is The United States of America, So Let It Be

At one time when this country was great, people came to America because they wanted to be an American. And they wanted to live and follow the American culture and follow American values because of how great it was. They wanted to become an American the legal way. They wanted to learn the laws of this country so they would be able to follow them. Now people want to come to this country and impose their culture on Americans and expect exceptions and changes to be made for them. They do not want to follow the laws that everyone else has to obey. They no longer want to be Americans. They just want to live in this country and be something else. They want the American culture to change to meet their satisfaction. They expect the American government to change laws to meet their will. And certain politicians and specifically picked supreme court appointees are accommodating to their will.

This has taken away so much of what made America great to begin with. This creates a never ending clash and havoc of the people in this country.

A highway with eight lanes can run smooth as silk as long as everybody is going in the same direction, running close to the same speed and are careful when changing lanes. But when someone tries to drive in the wrong direction on this eight lane highway, even though they are only taking up one lane to do so are creating this never ending clash and havoc on the highway that is created in America when any person or any group of persons try to change the already existing culture here.

America is severely losing it’s authenticity. It’s understandable for people to want to hang onto some of their native culture. But for Americans to be forced to change the way they live for a non American way of life is wrong. Individual Americans can’t go to other countries and make the changes that are being made here. Nor should they want to. If Americans want to live in another country, they should try to learn and absorb their culture. And they should respect the people of that country and themselves enough to learn their language. And anyone who comes to this country should do the same.

If you want to live in America legally, you need to consider yourself an American  This doesn’t mean an Hispanic American, a Muslim American, an Asian American or a something else American. And you shouldn’t consider yourself an African American or a Native American either. If you live in this country legally, you are an American. Calling yourself anything else just creates division among the people of this country. And if you are still dumb enough to want to be considered something other than just American, you should at least put America first. Such as considering yourself American Hispanic,  American African or American Asian. If you put anything in front of American instead of behind it, then you should be with whoever you put first and not be in America.

It is so hard to believe that there are individuals from this country and so many government officials that are willing to let this happen to America considering the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers that have fought and died for the American way of life. There is no love of country and not an ounce of patriotism in the people that are wanting and willing to let this be.

Some people will want to imply that these statements are racial in nature. The media and the government might like for you to believe this to be a racist notion because of their own agenda’s, but it’s not racist. If anyone reading this wants to believe it’s racist to feel this way, it is only because it’s what you choose to believe. Because you can not find any viable reason for it.
It is good for someone from any country in the world to want to come to this country and live. As long as they want to be an American, instead of wanting America to be something different for them.

The Real Threat

Should terrorist acts be the big concern for America or should the  act being created by the news media be the concern? How many new terrorist attacks have occurred because of the news media’s overly dramatic and over showing of something that has already happened?

The news media should warn of eminent threats instead of their own created threats. Terrorism works off of fear. Who creates and multiplies this fear everyday.The media. How many terrorist acts, copy cat murders, acts of violence and other criminal acts are created all the time because of the over hyped news stories by the news media. The unstable attention starved individuals or groups that watch these over dramatized and over worked news stories are mostly to blame for the acts of crime they commit of course, but the news media serves as their outlet by giving these idiots their attention they seek. They not only show and tell about what these individuals or groups have done. They detail it and  analyze it by bringing “experts” onto their show. They will do this several days for the same story. This is exactly what these criminals are seeking to start with. Why would you give them exactly what they want?

The news media manipulates the way the public views politics, morals, religion and everyday life. (As if Hollywood isn’t doing a good enough job at it.) Most people believe they have their own opinion on these topics. But most people have been manipulated into believing what the media wants them to believe. The news media doesn’t report the news. They create the news.

The news media adds drama and pretends to show sympathy in their program to gather you in emotionally. Once they have latched on to you emotionally, you are ready to listen and believe anything they tell you. They spread their nonsense and we continue to spread it by discussing it with each other. This is true for the he majority of people in America. They allow the media to influence their thoughts about everything. This is thought control in the most deviant and simplest form.

The news media tells you who to vote for, and you listen. The news media assists their chosen politicians to fulfill their political agenda while making certain that non chosen political agendas fail.

The media helps assists the liberal politicians with topics such as pushing gun control. This country does not need gun control. It needs idiot control. It only requires common sense to understand this. That is why so many Americans are unable to get it. More people are beat to death with the use of a criminal’s hands and feet than people that are murdered by rifles and shotguns combined. But I haven’t heard these politicians saying we should be removing hands or feet yet. Instead of attacking law abiding gun owners who have a right to own their firearms, shouldn’t the media and left wing politicians be attacking the villains that commit the crimes. Attacking the criminal is not a part of these want-to-be socialists’ agenda though. They appreciate them. These crimes help create an interference with the actual truth.

Everyone should understand when they go to the polls to vote, that the public does not run this country or have a say so in what happens to it.
But also understand that the politicians you are voting for do not run this country either. And they have very little say so in what happens to it without help from the liberal media.
So if the public doesn’t run this country and the politicians don’t run this country. Who does? That’s right, the media does. With some help from Hollywood as mentioned before.

Those who do not understand or believe what they are reading here are the ones that have already been sucked in too far. They are riding this snowball and watching it grow and they themselves are gathering others along the way to make it bigger. People are generally lazy when they have to think about something. It is easier for them to be told what’s what and just believe it than to waste energy studying something. People need to think on their own instead of just listening to a group of people that would love to make up your mind for you to start with.

This is the truth, like it or not.

Hurt Feelings

politically correct3

Hurt Feelings

People seem to be getting their feelings hurt a lot these days. Have people become more sensitive in this day and time. Or do people just want something to whine about.

It’s the latter. The question is why people would want to behave this way. Certain people just have to have public attention. These people want it so bad that they seem to have a severe need for it. But there is not an actual need. It’s just a want that they have. They want it bad enough to look for things to complain about or to pick a fight about. Most things that these people get started on are usually not worth whining about, much less fighting about. But still they will make their selves heard publically. They do not care if they are right or wrong. Often they do not even know if they are right or wrong. But still they want to shout about it.

Don’t get me wrong. We all know that there are a lot of legitimate things that need attention by the people of this country. But it’s nonsense to complain about every little thing that offends you just for the attention, just to have something to complain about or because it is part of a deviant political agenda.

Some call it politically correct. People with any sense call it stupidity.

The news media is a major factor in helping these people to find something to complain about. The media enjoys helping to create problems for these whiners to agitate a situation into something they themselves can talk about. Then they want to milk it for all it’s worth. Why do they do this?

To start with, it’s their job. And they really love to overdo everything to do with their job. That is how they get the attention that they seek. The majority of the media are some of the worst of these whiners in this country.

Our education systems are also creating these types of people at an early age because of government regulations. Teachers are literally walking on eggshells during holidays. They are not allowed to celebrate certain holidays the traditional ways anymore. But they are required to recognize people’s celebrations of non-American holidays. Teachers are not sure of what books that they can read to the children without offending someone. And teachers are questioned why certain books aren’t in their classroom to be read to the children. Example “Little Susie’s two mommies are complaining because the kindergarten classroom that Little Susie is in doesn’t have books or photos about homosexual marriage and relationships.”

The colleges and universities are doing more than their part to wreak havoc on young minds also.

The government itself is the major creator and instigator of these people.

The government, the media and the education systems are all on the same page when it comes to brainwashing.

Now days we have to be so careful about what we say. Or you will be labeled a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, insensitive or some other discriminatory type individual. We have to worry about being fired from our job, being sued, or being the target of these miserable people.

This is pure stupidity at its best. What is wrong with this country?

“Transgendered people” have to be allowed to use which ever restroom or locker room they choose despite their actual gender. It might hurt their feelings if they can’t make the choice. Example “We shouldn’t worry about the little girl trying to use the restroom where a 35 year old man dressed like Madonna thinks he has the right to walk in and use the facilities standing up or sitting down.”

Christian’s are not able to thank God verbally or in gesture in public for fear of offending somebody even if it only bothers one individual standing among a thousand others.

But the president (Obama) is so worried about offending the religion of Islam that his administration has banned all U.S. government agencies from producing any training materials that link Islam with terrorism. The FBI has been required to go back and purge references to Islam and terrorism from hundreds and hundreds of their documents.This is despite the twelve hundred plus deaths around the world since the first of July to date (July 20) from terror attacks by a bunch of messed up idiots that are doing it in the name of Islam.   (political correctness or deviant political agenda?)

We all know that every Muslim is not a terrorist and should not be considered so. But it is a fact that millions of terrorist are Muslims. (Literally millions)

All of this started years and years ago. And people still do not have the understanding of how crazy all of it is. They continue to create more and more new ideas of dos and don’ts to satisfy the attention challenged complainers. The list goes on and on. The term “Illegal immigrants” has been changed to “Undocumented Workers,” even for non-working immigrants on welfare or unemployed. The term “Illegal Voter” has been changed to “Obama Supporter” And we have all heard by now that Santa Claus cannot say “Ho Ho Ho” anymore, for fear he might offend the prostitutes.

It’s all a never ending pile of something smelly. When will it stop?

We should not try to be offensive to others intentionally. And we should be considerate of others. But people shouldn’t have to walk around this world worrying about every little thing they say or do for someone that decides they would like to be sensitive impaired or for some politician that would like to appear as if they actually care about something. We also shouldn’t have to worry about speaking the truth.

If hearing the truth offends you, that’s good it should. Like It or Not.

The Confederate Battle Flag


What’s next after pulling up all the flags?                                                                                                                                                                                      Kicking over all the headstones?

The Confederate Battle Flag

All that is going on now in regards to the Confederate battle flag is nonsense. Some people want to associate the Confederate battle flag with white supremacist groups or some individual idiot that just picks it up and holds it, and who doesn’t know anything about it.

This flag has nothing to do with these people, nor does it stand for anything these people stand for.

The Confederate battle flag, known as the “Southern Cross” stands for a big part of this country. And it is not a part that should be forgotten. Approximately 260,000 Confederate soldiers died of the approximately 750,000 who fought under this flag, including slaves that were allowed to and wanted to enlist voluntarily.

The Confederate Battle Flag was not the same flag as the National Flag of the Confederacy. The Confederate battle flag was raised and carried in battle. It represents these soldiers and nothing else. These soldiers that fought and shed their blood were Americans. Just as the Union soldiers that fought and shed their blood were Americans.

This should not be hidden, lied about or forgotten. This seems to be what a lot of the American people are trying to do at this time. It has been said; when we forget our past we are doomed to repeat it.

You cannot say this flag stands for hate. It represents a lot of American soldiers that loved their country.

I bet if the Confederate battle flag could talk, that it would be somewhat ashamed of this country right now. I’d almost guess Old Glory is not too proud of it either. I wonder sometimes if our nation’s flag shouldn’t be raised to half-mast every day of the year because of the way this country seems to be dying more and more every day.  (Quote by TRF)

These flags should not have to be ashamed of the people in this country. And the people of this country should be proud of both of these flags. They both have served proud over American soldiers that fought, died, shed blood and loved their country.

Confederate soldiers, sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, and Approved 23 May, 1958. This made all Confederate Army/ Navy/ Marine Veterans equal to U.S. Veterans. Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929 the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as U.S. War dead grave sites. The last Confederate veteran died in 1958. If someone where to remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are in fact, removing a statue, monument or head stone of a U.S. VETERAN.

This is The Truth. Like It or Not.

The Rainbow

Promise of the Rainbow

The Rainbow

It was given as a gift of the promise made by the Lord your God. Not as an abomination to the Lord your God.

Certain people are using the rainbow as a symbol to represent their chosen way of life. This idea was created back in the 70’s as a “design” for a flag to represent these people. The “creator and designer” of the rainbow flag actually did nothing to create or design it. He merely attempted to take claim of the rainbow which was created by God,  to represent this group of people. There are many people following this group these days attempting to claim the rainbow as a symbol for their chosen way of life. The problem with all of this is, the rainbow is not their’s to even attempt to claim for their own personal beliefs. The rainbow existed thousands of years before this. And it was not designed or created for this purpose.

The rainbow is designated as a testimony of the existence of the Noahic Covenant and the promise never to destroy the earth by flood again. The rainbow should not be used in any fashion to represent anything other than this beautiful gift from God.

And this is The Truth. Like It or Not.


You Might Want To Sit Down For This


This blog was created to tell the truth. The truth about all things in life may be discussed here. Some people may not always agree with everything that is stated on this site. But some people do not always like to hear the truth.

The truth does not hurt people. It is good for everyone. So don’t hate anyone for telling you the truth. It is what you need to hear. Like it or not.   Lies hurt people. They hurt the people hearing them as well as the people telling them.

This is not a place of hate. Statements made here are not designed from hate. They are designed from truth, and truth alone.

People always have different perceptions of the truth. These perceptions are usually interesting, sometimes funny or just completely wrong. But the truth can not be many things as some perceptions may suggest. It is one thing and one thing only. It is the truth. It is what it is. Like it or Not.